List Of Products

*All bread baked fresh daily*

Small Bloomer Loaves W/G £1.20
Large Bloomer W/G £2.00
Bagels/Olive oil buns/Granary buns 35p each
Potato cakes 60p Each
Scones 60p Each

Vanilla slices £1.90
Large pie slices inc Torta Della Nonna & Amacialata (please enquire) £2.80 each
Strega Mount Vesuvio £3.10 each
Tiramisu pots £2.80 each
Amaretti biscuits  each or 4 small for £2.00 (GF)
Florentine Large £2.00 each or 4 small for £2.00 (GF)

Mini Cannoli/Sfogliatelle Various Flavours 80p Each


Smoked ham £1.70/100g
San Daniele (cured ham) £2.80/100g
Mortadella £1.25/100g
Salame (please enquire) £1.70/100g
Pastrami £1.70/100g

Pancetta (similar to streaky Bacon) £1.70/100g

Nduja, Guanciale, Coppa, Calabrese, Bresaola also available
*other meats available please enquire*
Pieces of Provolone/ Parmegianno/ Pecorino available (prices vary)
Buffala Mozzarella £1.60

Caciotta (mixed sheep& cows milk) Creamy table cheese £1.25/ 100g

Caciotta with peperoncino £1.25/ 100g

Caciacavallo £12.00/kg

Pecorino Colissardo £1.20/100g

Pecorino with pepper Corns £1.20/100g

Mascarpone 250g £1.45 each 500g £2.95
Mozzarella £1.40
Ricotta £1.40

Jarlsberg £1.25/100g

Marinated olives £1.20/100g
Sundried Tomatoes £1.60/100g
Artichokes £1.60/100g
Courgettes £1.60/100g

We have a wide range of pasta & shapes in stock including Pastina, Lasagne sheets & Cannelloni. From £1.50/500g bags. Please enquire, we will no doubt have your favourite shape in stock! GF options available.

Homemade Dried Pasta £3.00/ 500g bags

Roma Homemade pasta Sauces:
Large Bottles Basil/Hot & Spicy £4.50 each (both suitable for Vegans)

Puttanesca £4.95

Pesto Vegan/Original/red £2.30

We have a wide selection including Mulino Bianco Biscuits, please enquire

Home made ice cream Various flavours £3.95/tub

Semolina Flour £1.95
Flour £1.75
Potato Flour £2.50

Breadcrumbs (made from our bread) 500g £1.95

Olive oil 1 litre £7.50

Olive oil 5 Litre tins £30.00

Crema Balsamico £6.95

Lemon Balsamic glaze £3.95

Balsamic 1L £3.00

Flavoured Oils Lemon, Organo, Garlic or chilli £3.70

Red wine vinegar 500ml £1.95 1L £3.00

Arborio Risotto rice £1.75

Polenta Instant £1.50
Paneangeli (Raising agent) 75p each
Eggs 6 pack £1.20
Milk small 80p Large £1.80
Cartons of Juice £1.80
Cans of San Pellegrino various flavours £1.00 each
Still/Sparkling water £1.00 each
Tins of Tomatoes 95p each
San Marzano tomatoes £1.95 each
Bottles of passata £1.50 each
Tomato paste £3.00/ large tin
Dried lentil/beans £1.95/bag
Lentils/beans 65p/tin
Stock cubes Chicken/Vegetable/ beef £1.20 each
Kimbo Ground Coffee £3.50/pack
Kimbo Beans 1KG bag £14.50
Jam:Strawberry/fig/plum/marmalade £2.20 each

Camomile Tea £2.50

Crostini mini crackers various flavours £1.75 per bag

Italian White Tuna Fillet in Olive Oil £5.50 each

Anchiovies £1.95

Small spicy peppers stuffed with tuna £3.95

Peperoncino (spicy chillies in oil)  £2.25

Jars of Courgettes/mushrooms/ mixed veg in oil £2.95 each

Dried porcini mushrooms 10g £2.50

Capers £1.50

Italian Butter Unsalted £1.95

*Fresh Yeast, please enquire*

Montepulciano 1.5L Red Wine/Trebbiano 1.5L  white wine/ Rose Merlot Rosato 1.5L  wine £10.95 Bottle

*we have a wide range of red & white wines including Prossecco please enquire*


Peroni/Moretti £1.80 Each

Baci Chocolate bars £4.95



Fresh Homemade sausages (frozen) Various sizes/prices please enquire £1.35/100g

Polpette meatballs 8 per pack (no sauce)  £5.50



These are our usual individual large portions we usually serve in the cafe / serves 2 small portions
Lasagna £7.20
Minestrone Soup£4.95
Chicken Soup £5.20
Beef Stew £8.40
Panzerotti £7.75
Parma& lentil  Soup £5.20

Spaghetti Bolognese £7.65

Tomato and pepper soup £4.90

Linguine with Tomato sauce £6.50

Meat Tortellini/Ravioli In a tomato sauce £7.75

Polpette (in sauce) £8.40